What to wear from Monday to Sunday

The week just started and you have to think and plan many outfits to use and be glamorous, or do not have an idea of what to wear? Do not worry, Gentrysense’s here to help you!

Monday | Floral mini dress +Heels

A basic and super glamorous outfit to start the week.

Tuesday | Casual style dress + sandals

Basic production, but full of style.

Wednesday | Funny  tees+ short jeans+ heels or sneaker

The funny tee gives an extra charm to the outfit.

Thursday | Geometric Printed Deep V-Neck blouse+ mini bag

You can bet in a comfortable outfit and full of charm.

Friday | Maxi dress+ high heels

Friday is a joyful day, here you can dress maxi and high heels to meet your date.

Saturday|  Fashion dress+ earrings+ mini bag

Go, you need to have fun this day.

Sunday |  Cool Tank+ Skinny jeans

As Sunday is a more relaxing day it calls for basic tanks.